Your religion… is magic to me

Inaugural Lecture of the III International Meeting of Researchers in Religious Sciences 

On 13 October I had the pleasure of opening the III International Meeting of Researchers in Religious Studies, organised by the Association of Young Researchers in Religious Studies (AJICR) at the University Complutense of Madrid, with a lecture on the complex definition of the concept of “magic” in Antiquity.

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Naming the Gods (with Originality)

Mechanisms of lexical creativity in the divine epiklêsis of PGM

After reading several articles on the hapax of the divine epiklêsis of Greek Magical Papyri (PGM), I realised that there was a question that any researcher addressed: how does this lexical innovation take place? what mechanisms were used to create this specific type of vocabulary? Why are these new terms created? Therefore, this paper explores the ways in which the authors of the practices of Greek Magical Papyri innovate in the lexical field in connection with the creation of new vocabulary to give substance to the qualities of the divine entities invoked.

Paper presented at the International Conference Incantatory Words: Greek and Egyptian Languages in the Magical Papyri, University of Chicago Center of Paris, Paris, 27-28th September 2021

This time, the photo is for the long-awaited reunion after a long year and a half of pandemic virtual meetings.

Después de leer varios artículos sobre hapax en la epiklêsis divina de los Papiros Mágicos Griegos (PGM), me di cuenta de que había una pregunta que ningún investigador abordaba: ¿cómo se produce esta innovación léxica? ¿qué mecanismos se utilizaron para crear este tipo específico de vocabulario? ¿Por qué se crean estos nuevos términos? Este trabajo, presentado en el coloquio internacional Incantatory Words: Greek and Egyptian Languages in the Magical Papyri (University of Chicago Center of Paris, París, 27-28 de septiembre de 2021) he explorado las formas en que los autores de las prácticas de los papiros mágicos griegos innovan en el campo léxico en relación con la creación de un vocabulario para dar contenido a las cualidades de las entidades divinas invocadas.