About me



I have a PhD in magic and a postdoctoral fellowship in alchemy. However, I did not study at Hogwarts. Really, I promise you.



My background is in Classics. It was during my PhD that I was captivated by the possibility of studying antiquity, its beliefs and practices, through first-hand documents. This was how I came into contact with papyri and ritual practices in Greco-Roman Egypt. I collaborated (and continue to collaborate) with different Spanish and international projects dedicated to the study of magical beliefs in antiquity, thanks to which I have been trained as a researcher and papyrologist with the best specialists. In 2017, after my PhD, I obtained a two-years Post-Doc Fellow at an Italian project on History of Science that brought me into contact with the work of the first alchemists, always through the papyri.

I am now researcher and assistant professor at the Department of Classics of the University Complutense of Madrid, where I continue to scrutinise the lives of the people of Roman Egypt through their words on papyri and ostraca. Always learning, always surprising me.